Personal Development Discussion: “Thrive vs. Survive”

Stathis began by reading the first few paragraphs of the article, Thrive vs. Survive, and we then took turns going around the table until the entire article had been read aloud. Once we’d finished reading the article, we jumped into the following questions posed in the article… What do you need to survive?

Personal Development Discussion: “5 Keys of Dealing with Workplace Conflict”

Martin began by reading the article out loud and we went around the table taking turns reading from there on. After reading the first paragraph, Martin spoke out and said, “What I can speak to that, is that if conflict is not dealt with, it can dance around in your head and keep you distracted instead of allowing you to be focused on productivity.”

Personal Development Discussion: “The 4 Work Styles”

I began this teaching piece by first passing around pages 1-6 of the quiz along with the two Work Styles Assessment Scoring Sheets (one of them is for scoring your Primary Work Style, the second one is for scoring your Secondary Work Style). I withheld pages 7-9 (the pages that describe the 4 Style in detail) and did so purposefully in order for the team to make answer choices based upon what they would actually do, not what they would like to think they would do.

Personal Development Discussion: “Why Change is Good for Your Personal and Professional Life!”

Katelyn started by letting us know that the article is a bit lengthy, but the topic covers both how change is good for our personal and professional lives as well as 10 ways we can embrace change. She goes on to read the intro to the article and finishes by reading this powerful sentence, “Change is good for you, and it will help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses.”

Personal Development Discussion: “Workplace Mental Health”

Tiarra started off by saying, “I think mental health is very important, especially with us having a lot more business and taking on more jobs. It’s important to be able to understand that we all handle stress differently and that the mental health of each employee is important. Even though someone may not look stressed or project it like someone else may, we are all feeling it and we’re all in the same space. Mental health is important both in and outside of work.”

Personal Development Discussion: “How to Use Failure As Your Key to Success”

This week, it was Stathis’ turn to lead the Personal Development Teaching Piece and he chose a podcast episode from Entrepreneurs on Fire by John Lee Dumas (AKA JLD) where he interviewed Brian Scudamore in an episode titled “How to Use Failure As Your Key to Success”. Feel free to take a moment to listen to the podcast episode before diving into our discussion below.

Personal Development Discussion: “How to Manage Anger In the Workplace”

Each Monday, the Martin Sunday Lighting Design team has a team meeting, though we begin these meetings a little bit different than the average company team meeting. This week, it was Martin’s turn to led the Personal Development Teaching Piece and he chose an article found from’s Career Guide titled How to Manage Anger In the Workplace.

What Sets Our Team Apart

What sets our team apart is how we begin each team meeting. Instead of jumping right into the nitty-grittiness of the business, we start by centering ourselves, checking in with each other and learning something new that will benefit each team member’s personal growth.