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Your business or home’s interior design relies on functional, clear lighting to truly stand out. At Martin Sunday Lighting Design, we specialize in giving your project an extra touch of beauty. Our lighting designs accentuate your furnishings and interior design to create the atmosphere that you desire. We engineer light and color to add extra drama to your art collection, retail store, home or restaurant. We work with new builds and remodels as well as homeowners, architects and builders. You can trust that our team has lighting down to a science.

Residential Lighting Design

You’ve worked hard to finally obtain the home of your dreams. To give your home an extra luxurious touch, consider changing your lighting choices. Lighting design is important to consider because…

Commercial Lighting Design

It’s vital for commercial spaces to have the proper amount of lighting and coloration because it’s easy to under-light a space. Dim lighting makes people tired, can hide…

Lighting Design for Remodels

If you’re currently thinking of remodeling your home, we can help you add the perfect touch of lighting to make your home look exceptional… With LED technology lasting longer than ever before, it is important to incorporate intelligent lighting design…

Lighting Design for New Builds

Our team loves creating lighting designs for new builds because we can start at the very beginning and get the lighting right the first time! Lighting design is important to consider when beginning any new build because…

Martin’s expertise was very valuable in helping us achieve our desired theme for the lighting, and still fit our budget. Martin is an unofficial member of our design team, contributing unique artistic lighting creations to our custom homes! With our new construction projects, Martin’s expertise has guided us through the lighting process with creative recommendations that highlight the homes’ best features!

— Jesse Blackwell

As a home developer I have relied on lighting designer, Martin Sunday for advice on lighting plans for my new construction homes.  He is not only very knowledgeable on lighting placement, fixture hanging heights, coordination of switches and dimmers, etc. he is also thorough, decisive and extremely easy to work with.  Martin, gives me the added confidence of preventing costly mistakes before the actual construction begins.

— Karen Kane, Grace Development