The History of Martin Sunday Lighting Design

The story of Martin Sunday Lighting Design begins with our founder, Martin Sunday. In 2010, he started the company as a solopreneur providing lighting design expertise. In 2013, he began to bring on associates to the firm. Today, his team consists of himself as the Principal Designer, a Design Assistant, a Chief Operating Officer and an Office Manager/Marketing Director. Now, with over 35 years of experience, Martin works alongside his team delivering lighting design to religious centers/retreats, residential and commercial clients across the United States.

Lighting design is important for our residential clients because most people are at home at night! We compliment the work that Architects have already completed by adding a unique lighting design that takes it to the next level. Our expertise with lighting technology is cutting-edge and we specialize in residential art collection lighting.

We’ve created unique lighting designs for many different restaurants, bars, retail stores, clubs, offices and gyms. It’s vital for commercial spaces to have the proper amount of lighting and coloration because it’s easy to under-light a space. Dim lighting makes people tired, therefore having the proper amount of lighting keeps employees happy and productive.

Spirituality is all about light, meaning that it is imperative how light interacts with the environment in order to uplift people. We’ve had the pleasure of creating lighting designs for many churches, temples and spiritual retreat centers throughout the country.

What sets us apart is that we sculpt with light. Laying different layers of light creates a rich, 3-dimensional space and enhances any environment. It’s not just about the lighting of homes and commercial environments, we also strive to light up the lives of our clients. We have a unique set of principles that our company lives by. Martin’s philosophy is that lighting should inspire and enhance the life that it illuminates. We carry this philosophy forward in all that we do.

Mission Statement

We illuminate lives through the artistic use of light technology.

Our Company Values


We strive to foster an environment built on trust, which in turn increases productivity. Honesty breeds trust and nourishes the soul. When team-trust is high, it translates to lower costs and higher employee satisfaction.


We go above and beyond for our clients. We foster an environment of excellence, where our products and services can shine. 15 minutes early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable. Arriving 15 minutes early cultivates a sense of ease, which then sets up the opportunity for greater success.


We only issue plans, fixture schedules and spec-books after first being approved by another team member. All proposals, estimates and invoices must be approved by a manager before being sent to the client. This ensures that we are issuing the highest quality of work.


When in grace, our process flows with a sense of ease. As we continuously practice grace, we experience synchronicity and clarity within our projects.


We empower our team members to be leaders within their own projects by utilizing trust, communication, and an open-door policy. Shame is not a productive motivator; it is to be avoided at all costs. We strive to motivate by empowering our team members.


We work to create a safer, just, more productive, and higher performing work environment. We focus on long term results and see beyond our own projects. We never say, “that’s not my job”.


We strive for a high creative and low fear environment. We believe that fear stops the flow of energy with everything from creativity and money to connections and trust. We do this by fostering an emotionally intelligent environment.

Personal Growth

We support personal growth. We encourage this by compensating for one program a year for all team members after 6 months of employment. A teaching piece is to be delivered at every Monday Team Meeting. Fostering personal growth individually strengthens our business growth as a whole.


We anticipate potential challenges and preemptively plan the best course of action. In doing so, we prevent future mistakes which then produces higher quality work. 


We work to develop skillsets within our team members by recognizing talent and promoting good communication practices. Our goal is to unlock each person’s potential through learning experiences that maximize individual performance.


We demonstrate integrity in our work by keeping our words and our actions congruent. We do this by focusing on meeting our deadlines and staying in close communication with our team members and our clients.


We are committed to giving back to our community. We do this by looking for opportunities to participate in fundraising events, engaging in recycling and volunteering to be of service to others.

Let us light up your life!