Lighting Design for New Builds

Our team loves creating lighting designs for new builds because we can start at the very beginning and get the lighting right the first time! Lighting design is important to consider when beginning any new construction because light drastically changes the mood and the atmosphere of any interior or exterior environment. With LED technology lasting longer than ever before, it is important to incorporate intelligent lighting design into your new home or commercial project. We have the ability to work directly with your Builder, Architect and Interior Designer in order to highlight the work that they’re in the process of creating. Builders, Architects and Interior Designers love outsourcing the lighting design responsibility to us because of the complexity of the ever-changing lighting industry. Our team is constantly learning and staying up-to-date with all of the new lighting design technology, which allows us to add value to our lighting projects from both a technical and creative point of view. Choosing to use a specialist allows your design professionals to focus on their core competencies and leave the lighting design work to us.

We sit down with the homeowner/business owner and any designers involved to discuss where artwork will be placed, the furniture layouts and any architectural features that need to be lit. To add a “smart-home” touch, we recommend which lighting controls to use. At the very least, we recommend which dimmers to locally control the light to give you the exact right mood you’re envisioning.

Click here to view photos from one of our new construction lighting design projects.

“Martin is talented and prepared for every aspect of making your home/office perfectly lit. His years of experience provide the best bulb and fixture to get the job done….economically. Has a can do, will do attitude and likes a challenge!

John McClymonds

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