Residential Lighting Design

Click here to view more photos of our lighting design work for Marimon Penthouse.

Click here to view more photos of our work on Bentwater Residential.

You’ve worked hard to finally obtain the home of your dreams. To give your home an extra luxurious touch, consider changing your lighting choices. Lighting design is important to consider because light drastically changes the mood and the atmosphere of any interior or exterior environment. With LED technology lasting longer than ever before, it is important to incorporate intelligent lighting design into your home. Our team fine-tunes your lighting based on your home’s color, size, and shape. We play with both light and shadow to engineer the right atmosphere. Dark and dramatic, soft and warm, inspirational — whatever atmosphere you want to achieve, we can create.

If you’d like to show off your art collection, trust us to add that extra flair to your artwork to highlight their unique qualities. Art lighting is one of our specialties! Click here to view one of our featured projects where art lighting was our focus.

Our team can create a custom lighting design to enhance your…

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Entryway
  • Stairwells
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Game Room
  • Home Theater
  • Art Collection
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Pool
  • And more!

“I am so impressed with Martin Sunday Lighting Design! From the consultation to the installation, they always arrived on time and communicated well throughout the process. Martin  and his team were able to create a custom design plan for my home that worked perfectly to meet my goals. Once the sun goes down, my home now has stunning front curb appeal as well as a gorgeous visual dimension illuminating the backyard. This company is honest, they are fair in their pricing, and they stand by their work. I was more than pleased with the attention to detail as well  as the high level of customer service. I would highly recommend Martin Sunday Lighting Design to anyone.”

William G.

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